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Tutors FAQ

All the tutors are specifically trained and work as tutors in the Gurukul tutors. Answers to most tutors (FAQ) frequently asked questions by tutors who join us.

There are some tutors (FAQ)frequently asked question to become a Gurukul tutor.

How do I become a tutor with The Gurukul Tutors?

Our joining process is very simple for your convenience. Once you share your details with us, we will scrutinize your application and based on the same, invite you for a meeting with our tutor selection team. If you are selected, you will be registered on our panel of teachers.

As soon as we have an inquiry, from the areas/time preferred by you and classes/subjects you can teach, we will share the same with you. You may need to meet/conduct a demo lecture, for the prospective student in some cases.
Once the teaching assignment has been finalized, we will coordinate the entire teaching schedule, student tests, feedback sessions, etc. for the entire assignment.

Are there any registration fees?

No. You do not need to pay any registration fees to be a part of The Gurukul Tutors.

How will I get my fees for teaching the student?

The Gurukul Tutors will be responsible for paying your fees, for all the classes you conduct on our behalf.

How will I get my assignments?

The Gurukul Tutors will assign students to you based on your expertise and the areas/timings you prefer to conduct the classes.

Will I be paid for the first meeting / demo lecture?

The first meeting/demo lecture is for the parents & child to understand your expertise and teaching style, based on which they will finalize the assignment. Due to the meeting/demo lecture being of a non-commercial nature, you will not be paid for the same.

We will compensate you for any travel expenses incurred for the demo lecture.