How to keep studying during lock down?

The lock down’s being implemented to control the spread of Corona virus has affected all people in a big way, not only on the work front but also in matters related to the education of their children.

With there being no confirmation on the opening of schools and how teachers will continue to teach students while ensuring a safe distance between all students, to avoid the spread of corona virus, the education of all children has come to a standstill.

The biggest question in the minds of many parents today, is how to continue their children’s studies during the lockdown so that they are well prepared for the future and able to cope with their syllabus when schools reopen.

While online classes are being conducted by most of the schools using the latest video conferencing tools and applications, the effectiveness of the same needs to be seen especially in relation to small children.

Small children may not be able to focus for long durations while watching a class on their parent’s laptop or mobile phone. (By the way you may need to invest separately in either of them, if you value your laptop and phone and can’t risk any important files getting accidentally deleted by your child, as he scrolls through your laptop)

Just as many people had to learn and adjust themselves to work from home (WFH), so too will children need to adjust themselves to study from home (SFH). To help you cope with this unexpected scenario and break in your children’s studies, we share the views and advice of a few education experts and teachers in this blog.

Create a special studying environment

Just as you now have your own special place at home, where you like to rest your laptop and work without any disturbance so do children need a special place where they can sit and study undisturbed.

Classrooms in schools are designed to encourage learning, by using an environment that is bright, fresh and helps children concentrate. Similarly, you need to select a place that has plenty of light, and fresh air flowing through it to keep your child comfortable.

It should not have any sound disturbances such as a TV running and preferably be a bit distant from your working space, so that you’ll don’t disturb each other.

A high speed wi-fi connection is now a necessity, so make sure that you have one in your house to ensure that your children do not miss out on the YouTube videos their schools release from time to time.

Last, but not the least ensure that the space is clean and tidy, as nothing will distract you more than a untidy and cluttered space. Ensure you keep only the books of the subject you are studying with you, to reduce the clutter.

Avoid distractions while studying

While some students may prefer some soft music playing in the background while they are studying, anything louder will only distract you and prevent you from studying effectively.

According to Nityanand, who has considerable experience in teaching senior students and is one of the founders of The Gurukul Tutors,

“One of the biggest distractions that students face nowadays is the constant notifications they get on their mobile phones, due to which they subconsciously tend to pick up their phone and look at it.”

He makes sure that the students who study under him avoid this practice, since it is a very unhealthy habit and prevents students from focussing on the subject they are studying.

To avoid such scenarios, he advises all students to keep their phone on mute and block all notifications. They can also set a schedule, wherein for every hour that they study, they can take a 10 minute break, during which they can attend to their messages and calls.

Prepare a study schedule just like your school

They key to success in studies is not studying everything at one time, but in breaking it up into smaller parts, so that you can focus and grasp one section before moving on to another. This is the reason that schools breakup the education syllabus, in different parts and cover it gradually over the year.

Preparing a study schedule and calendar will help you focus on your studies, while helping you cover all the different subjects daily. It will also ensure that you don’t miss out on any subject and devote equal time to all subjects.

Strengthen your studies with home tuition’s

While online classes and self learning will help you, there will still be many instances when you may not fully grasp what is being taught. In such situations, a home tutor is the best option to have to get an in-depth understanding of the different subjects and resolve any queries or doubts you have on the spot.

A home tutor can also guide you properly on the best approach for studying at home and conduct periodic tests to ensure that you have understood all the subjects thoroughly. Periodic feedback from a home tutor will also help you focus more on the subjects you are weak in, so that you improve on them.

Studying at home is now a necessity and very important to keep up with our studies

While all of us will whole heartedly agree with this statement, how we approach it is totally in our hands and may differ from student to student. Being focussed, disciplined and having regular study hours will help you be up-to-date on your studies and ensure that you don’t lag behind when the schools reopen.

You can also use the services of a home tutor, during these lock down times to study safely and conveniently at home, so that you can excel in your studies and ensure you get the best results in your exams.

No matter how you study, doing it regularly and consistently is the key to your success in the days ahead, so make sure that you pay adequate attention to it.